Levels The Club Launches “Mauke Pe Chauka”

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If there is something that unifies the people of our nation beyond all diversities in religion and culture, it is the never-ending affinity towards cricket. Cricket’s biggest carnival, World Cup is here and the cricket fervour is intensive over every match played by the cricket stars. As World Cup fever is on Levels The Club has come up with their very new World cup theme menu.

On the Menu, there are Morgan’s Berry Punch, Afghani Shahi Kebabs, Australian Prawn Yorker, Gayle’s Glazed Tikka, Kohli’s Fiery Kebabs, Malinga’s Green Apple Spin, Salty Pineapple Googly, Shakib’s Apple Aphrodisiac, South African Tangy Orange Twist, Super Gayle and Williamson’s Kiwi Green Lantern.

Pocket pinch for two is Rs. 900.

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