Eminent Artist Jogen Chowdhury Inaugurates RASA

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Emami Art, the contemporary art gallery at the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) inaugurated ‘RASA’, a solo exhibition of sculptures by one of India’s eminent artists, Mr. G Ravinder Reddy, his first in Kolkata. The exhibition has been curated by art critic and curator, Ms. Anupa Mehta. Eminent Indian artist Jogen Chowdhury graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and inaugurated the exhibition.

In this new body of works, G Ravinder Reddy draws attention to stylistic departures and shifts in his works which refer and question perceptions around the notion and idealised ideas of beauty. The exhibition ‘RASA’ showcases a range of works by Reddy spanning over a time period of 1989 to 2019. It will include his latest creations along with his important works from earlier period to highlight shifts in his oeuvre as a sculptor of international repute.

Commenting on the exhibition, Ms. Richa Agarwal, CEO Emami Art and Executive Director of KCC said, “It is a privilege for Emami Art to host RASA, Mr. Reddy’s first solo exhibition in Kolkata.  It is a seminal exhibition for Kolkata audiences and we are confident that it will be a visual treat for all art lovers. We hope this association goes a long way in creating significant contribution to the art community.”

Mr. G Ravinder Reddy commented, “RASA is a journey of my life’s work that reflects treasured emotions in humans. I am excited to showcase my first solo show in the city and I hope this exhibition will provide a unique experience to all art lovers and connoisseurs”

Ms. Anupa Mehta, the Curator of the show adds, “Ravinder Reddy marries tradition with the contemporary to create works that are at once iconic as they are rooted in the vernacular. This exhibition allows us to see departures and stylistic shifts in the artist’s work over a period of two decades.”

G Ravinder Reddy’s sculptures depict the human form in all its vulnerable complexities. Appropriating from traditional Indian religious statues, and drawing from various sources including Pop Art, his larger than life colourful installations celebrate and question ideals of Indian culture. Decorated with wide open eyes, elaborate hair styles and prominent makeup, the gilded fiberglass and bronze head sculptures have come to be recognized internationally.

The exhibition starts from June 8 and will run till August 8, 2019 at Emami Art, Kolkata Centre for Creativity.

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