ICA India Drives Awareness On Electrical Safety

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International Copper Association India (ICA India) in partnership with Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation (CESC) and Chief Electrical Inspector (CEI) organized a media roundtable in the city. The media were addressed by Rajib Kumar Das, Sr Manager, CESC; Anjan Mitra, Manager, CESC; Santanu Mukherjee, Sr. Electrical Consultant; Subhro Paul, Director, Central Electricity Authority (RIO); Partha Sarathi Majhi Dy CEI and Amol Kalsekar, Chief Manager, International Copper Association India. The speakers put forth the urgent need to address challenges of electrical safety in residential and commercial establishments in Kolkata.

India has as of late observed an inexorably developing occurrences of electrical mishaps. Sadly, because of carelessness identified with safe electrical practices, inappropriate and feeble establishments, undersized and mediocre nature of wires there is an ascent in number of electrical mishaps. In the light of these occasions ICA and the other administrative bodies, for example, CEA, CESC and  CEI understood the need to conquer any hindrance of absence of comprehension and mindfulness by arranging this media roundtable and sharpening the media to drive the message of more noteworthy significance of electrical security among the general population.

Setting the motivation Amol Kalsekar, Chief Manager, Building Wire, and ICA said, “In India on a normal there are 13 fatalities for every day because of electrical mishaps. Likewise, consistently in excess of 5800 crore rupee is spent on pay and support because of electrical mishaps. We at ICA India endeavor to enable individuals with learning to beat electrical dangers through our battles and activities. The familiar proverb ‘counteractive action is superior to anything fix’, applies relevantly to electrical risks too. Undertaking fundamental measures and steps people, organizations and the country can avert death toll and property. We trust that by sharing the learning and driving these certainties we would almost certainly address these terrible occurrences.”

Every one of the speakers imparted their and insights around electrical security regarding the benchmarks, arrangements, laws and the manners by which these issues can be tended to. The talks were engaged around the rising number of electrical flame mishaps in the nation and their financial and social repercussions. Further amid the exchanges all the more light was tossed on the outcomes of electrical dangers in West Bengal referencing how consistently around 376 electrical mishaps happen out of which around 196 outcome in fatalities.

The specialists from the administrative bodies brought up how in spite of having adequate guidelines and measures set up we are as yet battling with better electrical security applications because of absence of mindfulness among the majority.

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