Indian Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Govt.

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India is proud that the largest democratic exercise on earth where more than 900 million people enthusiastically took part in voting to exercise their franchise was concluded.

On behalf of Indian Chamber, Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, President, said, “I congratulate the BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi for winning a clear mandate for continuation of government. Policies undertaken by the government has delivered fast economic growth, increased foreign investment and significantly eased the process of starting and doing business.

With a big mandate comes big responsibility to meet the expectations of people across the nation from the new Government.

In our view, the immediate priority should be given to propelling the Indian economy including enhancing investment expenditure, creation of jobs through the private sector, addressing rural issues, and in keeping fiscal deficit under control.

We hope that the government will immediately start in implementing more reforms like increasing liquidity to the financial sector, reducing the GST slabs, undertaking land and labour reforms, continue major infrastructure projects, and encourage more private sector investment in the economy.

We are confident that all political parties would work together on issues related to national and strategic importance irrespective of their political leanings. We wish all candidates who contested in elections well – India is fortunate to have a vibrant democracy and we all must preserve and cherish it.”

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